MDG Estates Reports Record Contracts in 2015 for Landmark Coastal and Celebrity Owned Property

Beverly Hills, CA (March 21, 2015) – So far 2015 has been a record smashing year, for luxury home staging company, MDG Estates. This year the company continues to win lucrative staging agreements for landmark coastal properties exceeding $10 million in value. These properties are being managed and marketed by some of the biggest names in oceanfront estates. MDG Estates is answering the call from some of California’s wealthiest beach communities including Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Laguna Beach, Hermosa Beach, Newport Beach as well as Coto De Caza.

In addition, MDG Estates’ celebrity services saw its largest staging contract ever, earlier this month. A confidentiality agreement means that we can’t disclose who; but we never would anyway. It has always been our company policy not to disclose by name, celebrity hires and services. This particular property is located behind the prestigious gates of the Mulholland Estates.

MDG Estates believes that these important contract wins over any other staging company servicing affluent communities of Southern California, is due to its commitment to design excellence, client relations and an outstanding record of customer satisfaction.

MDG Estates sits atop a solid foundation of people and principle. Its founding members and Board of Directors have decades of experience in staging and Southern California real estate. Our collective principles guide the company’s successful trajectory. We are committed to design excellence and client relations. When walking through an MDG Estates property, you will see and feel a quality and consistency that is undeniable.

MDG Estates is a seasoned and professional home staging company, having staged approximately 150 landmark properties per annum. Although MDG Estates has been hired by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, sports, music, television and by the very wealthy, it has always been our company policy not to disclose by name celebrity hires and services.

Facilitating your next multi-million dollar real estate conveyance is our greatest goal and satisfaction.